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The Wire, Season 6: Improv

Episode One, “Yeah… And?”: Judge Phelan makes a call to Commissioner Valchek, who clearly isn’t listening. Marlo Stanfield starts over with a new crew that has an usual characteristic. McNulty’s improv 101 class is taught by someone who didn’t even study under one of the founders of the theater.

Episode Two, “It’s All in The Game”: Slim Charles gets too many suggestions from Clay Davis. Lieutenant Carver reacts truthfully when he hears an arrested hopper say Marlo’s name. In his final 101 performance, McNulty spends too much time exploring the base reality.

Episode Three, “Object Work”: An understaffed Major Crimes unit is very obviously struggling to make progress on an assets investigation. Narcotics officers mistakenly think they see Fat-Face Rick on a cell phone, so he plays along. McNulty discovers registering for 201 requires more than just $450.

Episode Four, “Crazy 8s”: As the hours count down to a police strike, eastside dealers shake hands on a new deal. Marlo’s aloofness makes it hard for partners to connect with him. McNulty annoys his practice group by constantly rebelling against their director.

Episode Five, “Monoscene”: The police strike is averted, but a rare hurricane stops the city in its tracks. Slim Charles spends a night in jail for show. Sydnor juggles two phone calls while walking back and forth through a swinging door. McNulty sleeps with the only woman in his class.

Episode Six, “Group mind”: A loose affiliation of dirty cops solidifies. Marlo’s crew keeps the count correct without communicating. In his 301 class McNulty stops getting support from the back line.

Episode Seven, “Hot Spot”: A group of westside officers’ karaoke night ends with a suspicious death. Slim Charles doesn’t know what to say to his lieutenants, so Fat-Face Rick jumps in for support. McNulty can’t get out of his head.

Episode Eight, “Transaction scene”: Marlo changes tactics, resulting in a very confusing controlled buy. Sydnor gets the hard sell from Poot at Foot Locker. McNulty fails to commit to a third beat.

Episode Nine, “Crazy town”: With more cops dying from tainted heroin, Mayor Campbell can’t explain how the city got to where it is. A meeting at the Baltimore Sun ends with everyone more confused than when it started. A sober McNulty learns to focus his walk-ons in a demanding 401 class.

Episode Ten, “Zip, Zap, Zop”: In the thrilling 2-hour finale, everyone finds they need to get back to basics. Unable to get in on the police connection, Marlo returns to his old ways and everyone’s a target. Sydnor finds that even police corruption doesn’t rate at the FBI. Slim Charles provides the drugs for Mayor Campbell’s “drugs on the table” press conference. McNulty, failing to land a spot on a house team, wonders if he should have been trying stand up instead.

05 September 2015